10 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers for Small Business

What are Cloud Storage and Cloud Storage Providers?

As the software-as-a-service market model begins to evolve to satisfy the changing demands of business customers, the cloud-based storage business expands. For small businesses, cloud storage is appropriate for sharing information & some cloud storage providers are offering secure offsite backup free of cost. Although it is now relatively easy to set up the best cloud storage and file sharing solutions, it can be very overwhelming to review the different resources and choices. Factors important for creating a good cloud-based storage platform require that it be open, traceable, and stable.

As well as signing up for a program, companies and their administrators need to know who manages their data, how much, and for how long. This can be complicated because many cloud storage providers have not yet productized their solutions. Several kinds of cloud storage services are available today, varying from basic tiers or storage pools that can be managed or mixed with other feature-oriented device implementations that integrate cloud storage and sharing capabilities with production solutions. Also you can look for hybrid cloud solutions, if you needed.

SMBs can find new and creative ways in which cloud computing technologies can be used as information delivery mechanisms, while others provide networking features and file-sharing. Some solutions are open, starting with well-established data store companies and innovative topics such as Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. Wasabi is newly established this year as a class and level-free bit-bucket storage provider, integrated with the Amazon S3 company cloud storage framework.

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How to Pick the Right Cloud Storage Providers for Small Business?

There are so many cloud storage providers out there, that the picking you may use for your company can feel daunting. When choosing a service, many factors like protection (which can be a disaster), comfort, quality, and availability have to be weighed. Not all cloud providers are equivalent but others are generally considered to be the best in the enterprise. Read about 10 of the best cloud platforms for small businesses.

1. Amazon Drive- A Leading Cloud Storage Providers

Amazon cloud drive provides quick backup and access to information, photo, music, and videos from Amazon Cloud Drive. It’s a secure online site for cloud storage. It allows you to protect your valuable data. The features have been introduced to provide fast and simple access to recent files. It requires bulk images and videos to be uploaded.

Key Features

  • The Amazon Cloud Drive helps you to preview papers, tablets, pictures, and presentations.
  • It allows you to play cloud-based videos and songs.
  • You can share your mobile photos, videos, and files.
  • You can create directories and arrange folders for files.
  • Amazon Drive helps you to exchange files via email, text message, etc as links and attachments.
  • You can create text files and edit them.
  • OS Platforms: You can use any device to upload the data.

Amazon Cloud Drive provides Amazon Prime Subscribers with unrestricted photo storage. It also has an $11.99 monthly storage contract. You can download the software and free 3 months of cloud storage.

2. Dropbox Cloud Storage Providers for Small Business

Dropbox cloud storage providers offer you a modern working environment for keeping your files in one central location. It can be accessed everywhere. All your devices can be synchronized. Files from computers, phones, and tablets are accessible with Dropbox cloud storage providers.

Key Features

  • You can share any kind of file, including PowerPoint and Photoshop. Features:
  • Dropbox Paper lets you generate and share anything from hardware, videos, code, and sound images.
  • Can be used in all sizes by freelancers, individuals, teams, and companies.
  • You can share with everyone a large or a small file.
  • Admin Controls will make the management of your team easier.
  • Enables access to shared data to be secured.
  • Other: Only free 2GB data is available.
  • Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

Price: 2GB free of charge. Two individual plans and two team plans have been developed by Dropbox.

Moreover, two plans for individuals are professional. The price will be $8.25 per month for the Plus plan. The prices will be $16.58 per month to the Professional Plan. The two team plans are Standard and Advanced. The standard scheme price per month is $12.50 per user. The Advanced Plan price is 20 dollars a month per user. Professional, standard, and advanced plans have a free trial available. The following screenshot gives you a sense of the storage and key features.

3. SugarSync Cloud Storage Providers for Business

$55/month or $550/year (depending on which package you choose), and the price includes a free trial of 30 days, 1 TB of cloud storage, and a limit of two accounts. SugarSync cloud storage providers is a web tool that lets you arrange all of your team’s emails in their very own folder so that you won’t have to think about spam and excess info. As with Google Drive, SugarSync is used to connect to a source. But, rather than link directly to a file.

Key Features

  • SugarSync connects to a spot and then you can read the file later. E-mail is the toughest method of data transfer when dealing with huge files, but in this situation, you can only send all the files in one inbox.
  • If you have a computer, you can use SugarSync cloud storage providers to synchronize your files to your desktop (because, yes, some businesses still use them).
  • This service helps you to share and merge files and folders between your own devices as well as with your team members.
  • SugarSync can help a small business work more cost-effectively and more affordably.

Small company cloud computing like SugarSync improves workgroup flexibility and teamwork. Because everything is stored remotely, teams can work from anywhere and can share and edit projects on demand. Small businesses can communicate successfully across continents, making it easy for a small company to grow.

4. Box Cloud Storage Providers for Small Business

There is one other thing you can do – you can browse through all the material of a file and find the ones that you have never found. Then you can go on from there. I know there was a file of some kind, but I can’t remember where it is. This Xbox One also has a whole lot of third parties built right into the system.

Key Features

  • Price: Free 14-day trial; 15 dollars per user for at least three users; unlimited storage
  • Because of its price point, Box is useful for small companies. You get unlimited storage for just $15 a month. Could you ask a lot more? The goal of Box is to encourage your team to work together.
  • Even if you can synch and save, this is not addressed. However, the service centralizes business data in such a way that your team can obtain important files whenever it is needed.
  • Furthermore, the package has some fantastic features like the option to post your laptop screenshots and screencasts (we believe that they’re not only amusing Facebook memes, but we all have serious work to do, right?).

Cloud computing combines jobs with life and allows you more time. You can work anytime and anywhere. According to a Microsoft report, 66% of small businesses need their workers to work everywhere anywhere. Small firms and organizations also have no big staff, and many use clouds computing instead of onsite storage.

5. Google Drive Cloud Storage Providers for Small Business

Whoever ever used Gmail may have used Google Drive. It is best for its cloud storage facilities, and it allows us all to conquer this irritating 25 MB email access limit. Were you aware that this is indeed an outstanding option for small companies? Google Drive includes a variety of crazy functions which encourage partnerships. It essentially includes Microsoft Word (you can recognize that as Google Docs) which enables you to create documents that can be edited, stored, and exchanged by your team. You may also recommend edits for the whole squad. Develop tablets, displays of slideshows, and more.

Key Features

  • Google Drive was just storage previously. Yet Google also took the Google Docs online office suite and pasted them.
  • Now you’ll get 15GB of free storage and an impressive bureau suite with only a Google account. It’s nice enough that many corporations and Chromebook customers use it today as their full cloud workplace.
  • Will you need extra storage? No difficulty. Google’s Storage Rates begin on Google Drive at $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year for 100GB under the name Google One.
  • Or you’re having 200GB for $2.99 a month or $19.99 a year. You pay $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year for a 2TB, and $99.99 a month for a 10TB bill. For $299.99 a month, you will go up to 30TB. You will share your storage with up to 5 other users with all these plans.
  • You can also use Google One to automatically back up your smartphone for both Android and iOS models. This includes in its original quality data from your computer, multimedia messages, and photos/videos.

You can also store any file form on Google Drive that you can require. I use Google Drives as a writer and artist-owned by her own small business to store massive Photoshop files and login factors and project deadlines for my customers. You can view samples of files even if the program is not allowed on Google drive. It supports Adobe Creative Cloud businesses in particular, enabling users to preview Photoshop or Illustrator files without downloading Photoshop or Illustrator.

6.Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage Providers for Small Business

Price: 15 GB of Registration free; 100 GB of Registration $1,99 per month; 200 GB of Registration free for $3,99 per month; 1 TB of Office 365 for $6,99/month employees. Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage providers are the Google Drive reply for Microsoft, and it is built smoothly into operating systems.

Key Features

  • This is the service for you if you are an enterprise that has a conscience and a life on Windows computers. You will, for example, sync system/device configurations and applications, directories, and directories while using Windows 8 or Windows Phone.
  • Don’t be misled at the convergence – Microsoft OneDrive can also be executed on iOS, Mac, and Android. Microsoft OneDrive, close to Google, helps you to collaborate and edit documents from PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones concurrently and in real-time (whatever your heart desires).
  • OneDrive has Windows baked and together they’re very delicious. OneDrive is yet another directory in the File Explorer to the Windows owner. Talk simply about it!
  • All will access this program on the internet, using Macs and older Windows desktops, and using Linux, iOS, Windows Phone, and Xbox OneDrive software. Well, yeah.
  • Microsoft OneDrive’s real sales point is that it also deals closely with Microsoft Office systems in addition to operating with the Windows hand-in-hand glove. You will also work along with your partners in real-time with Office 365 in papers and tablets.

Who can get the most from OneDrive is not questionable? It’s every guy who’s married to Microsoft Office and Windows. If you do, you will already be using it. You’re going to be grateful that you did. The special functionality of Microsoft OneDrive called Fetch helps you to take files from a PC when connecting to the internet.

7. SpiderOak Cloud Storage for Small Business

When it comes to SpiderOak cloud storage providers, protection is key. If you manage financial records, the data would be severely secured, which is super valuable. SpiderOak cloud storage providers have a “Zero-Knowledge Environment” since it does not store the server’s password files.

Key Features

  • Prices: 60-day free trial; 7 dollars a month for 30GB of money; 12 dollars per month in 1 TB of dollars. Price per month or year.
  • Think about it in this manner, since you would be uploading the files and stored encrypted data in your database through a traditional cloud storage service.
  • This is Internet safety’s trademark, right? These platforms also store your password and encryption keys the vulnerable your data to someone with physical server access. What you need to do is steal the details from an unlucky cloud employee.
  • This is not how SpiderOak cloud storage providers’ work. In your computer, your secret is stored – not on cloud servers. Which prohibits workers from accessing the password and decrypting classified details.

Cloud computing lowers costs and improves growth management. Cloud computing for small enterprises is extremely flexible. Keep your data caps current without engaging in unnecessary server updates if you need to. You don’t have to dramatically slash spending to save money. This provides small companies with the ability to expand without taking needless and expensive risks. How many new small companies had a strong month, only to see their profits slow down later on? Upgrades and software releases are quintessential examples of cloud storage.

8. MozyPro for Small Business

Backups are necessary to run a stable company, but it is a gamble for you to have them on your personal computer. Anything in your office building will happen to a server. It even gets roasted from electrical difficulty or stripped from the roof by a random leak – you never do.

Key Features

  • Pricing: Free trial for 30 days; $40 for 100 GB per device for unlimited; $12.99 for additional backup servers per month. Annual subscription discounts.
  • MozyPro cloud storage providers are a perfect service for this. Backup the required files from desktops, laptops, or even your server (hey, it never hurts to have two backup locations).
  • It is also possible for Mozy to store and quickly access data from Windows Server programs such as Share and SQL. You pay only the storage volume, not the number of users.
  • Backing up to the cloud still saves on expenses, but it’s less safe. Please take into account a cloud server continually updates and develops glitches into the system.
  • If you do not have a dedicated IT team, you can skip numerous machine updates. The need to manage server software is removed by on-demand access to the required programs.

 Cloud computing is one of the most reliable and safest storage methods. There will be no burning, storm, or power outage to delete your files. Your business will not be stalled due to server issues for days. Would you fear losing money if technological problems were involved?

9. Carbonite for Small Business

Carbonite Enterprise is MozyPro-like and supports all Windows and Mac files. It is particularly used to back up servers based on Windows. The update to “Company Premier” helps you to save your Windows files from your server, but I can’t manage the servers on Mac.

Key Features

  • Price: Free trial of 30 days; 250 GB of unlimited machines (but not servers), 250 GB for unlimited machines, and 500 GB of server-file servers. Free trial of $599 a year. When required, add storage to every plan.
  • It is upside down – less than 1 billion a giant annually. Carbonite also has a feature that encourages installation for those of us who are not so technologically skilled.
  • Valet Install loads Carbonite applications remotely to discourage you from doing it. No required handbooks! Seriously, who wants to read handbooks?
  • Carbonite is an easily-use, safe, and customer-friendly online backup provider. Carbonite has unlimited capacity for one device at a fair price although it’s somewhat free of functionality.
  • Unfortunately, speeds are awful and the backup mechanism is not very much regulated. Continue to read this article on Carbonite for more.

You should back up your phone, external hard drives, and servers depending on what package you’re using. The configuration of your backup and file restoration is extremely simple and needs no effort from the customer. That said, the cloud backup process is still very static, with no personalization. The pace is also horrible, in particular for backups, so that Carbonite isn’t your service if you want easy access to the data you are backing up in cloud storage.

10. CrashPlan for Small Business

In cloud computing solutions, those of us who are using Linux and Solaris might be left behind. The most fitting is Windows or Mac. CrashPlan is battling because of Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris, which have little competition. The rates are still unprecedented. You may opt to back up unlimited data per particular computer or choose to distribute it to unlimited numbers of computers in advance. Certain business models are very beneficial. Some companies can have multiple staff sharing machines, making paying per user cheaper. Some firms have their facilities and some staff. In this case, paying per user could be more cost-effective.

Key Features

  • CrashPlan is free if you carry your storage, or on your computer, or anywhere on the Internet. If you need to purchase one-computer paying storage from CrashPlan, you can get unlimited storage for $59.99 a year.
  • As with other programs, multi-annual commitments reduce the expense. The $149.99 family package also includes unrestricted capacity on up to ten machines protected. In contrast, Carbonite’s unlimited storage for a single device is just $59.99 a year, and IDrive ($13.90 in the first year on IDrive) would give you $59.50 per year for unlimited computers while the unlimited storage option for one computer for SOS Online Backup is $79.99 a year.
  • With a free 30-day trial account, you can check out the whole CrashPlan program, no credit card necessary.
  • Business users can consider Code42’s broad business services that expand CrashPlan’s functionality to include a private cloud option, regulatory enforcement service, customer policy management, and more.
  • The software is clear and well-designed.
  • Save your machines on your remote.
  • Space plan unlimited.
  • Fast upload and editing of files in our research.
  • Strong options for defense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Cloud Storage Providers has the best storage available?

Having the most photos and videos stored for free, here are cloud storage options.

  • Drive Google. We’re now leading our Google Drive list that provides a massive 15Gb of free cloud storage for Google.
  • Apple iCloud 
  • MediaFire 
  • pCloud 
  • Microsoft OneDrive 
  • Sync.com 
  • Amazon Drive

Are there free Cloud Storage Providers available?

Free space in the cloud is possible but limited. You can pay for upgrading to more storage on your account.

Cloud space may be free and unlimited, but it is usually timed. To promote their products, companies adopt this idea.

You can have two mega accounts on Cloud Storage Providers?

If you don’t want to upgrade your account, you can create multiple MEGA accounts so that you can enjoy as much 50GB free space as you can. Also, by using different MEGA accounts, you can organize and manage your data.

Final Remarks

“Free offers” are often very restrictive in the technological world. Free storage of cloud means limited data, bandwidth usage, platforms (Windows and Linux), backup availability, and technical support. This means that the data can be hosted in a free cloud. This can work well for each user, but small companies will probably have to pay for a service that meets their requirements. You will certainly do your homework before trusting your business information to a provider even though there are plenty of good options.

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