The Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business

What is a service for cloud storage solutions?

Best cloud storage solutions and file-sharing services have top-notch encryption capabilities and the flexibility of a small business backup and sharing. To consider the significance of cloud storage solutions, you have to understand what the cloud is. In a single line, it is a resource that you can use online, free of charge, or at a charge (usually computer power or storage).

You think about it as self-storage facilities – cherishing home movers and landlords. But you need to load cloud storage accounts with your files instead of loading them with bins.

It is the easiest way to enter a protected virtual space from your browser or an application (or a mobile app). The current location of your files is normally either in a data center, on a computer, on a hard disk, or a solid drive.

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Why do I need to physically use cloud storage?

We suggest several backups for your sensitive data in the perfect future. It is also important for physical hard drives (such as with a NAS) to provide storage in data centers. Where the cloud storage is suitable, away from your physical premises. Why do you ask? Why do you ask? You need to archive it elsewhere compared to other backups.

Here’s a peek at some of the latest options for cloud storage solutions:

1. pCloud Cloud Storage Solutions

Features & Specifications:

  • PCloud cloud storage solutions are one of the very few lifetime subscription cloud services. It’s defined as a “Cloud space where all your files and directories can be stored. It has a user-friendly interface which shows clearly where and what it does all.”
  • The cloud storage solutions have a 30-day trash history and unrestricted remote upload traffic.

  • PCloud cloud storage solutions are one of the very few lifetime subscription cloud services. It’s defined as a “Cloud space where all your files and directories can be stored. It has a user-friendly interface which shows clearly where and what it does all.”
  • The cloud storage solutions have a 30-day trash history and unrestricted remote upload traffic.

  • PCloud cloud storage solutions are one of the very few lifetime subscription cloud services. It’s defined as a “Cloud space where all your files and directories can be stored. It has a user-friendly interface which shows clearly where and what it does all.”
  • The cloud storage solutions have a 30-day trash history and unrestricted remote upload traffic.

  • PCloud cloud storage solutions are one of the very few lifetime subscription cloud services. It’s defined as a “Cloud space where all your files and directories can be stored. It has a user-friendly interface which shows clearly where and what it does all.”
  • The cloud storage solutions have a 30-day trash history and unrestricted remote upload traffic.

  • PCloud cloud storage solutions are one of the very few lifetime subscription cloud services. It’s defined as a “Cloud space where all your files and directories can be stored. It has a user-friendly interface which shows clearly where and what it does all.”
  • The cloud storage solutions have a 30-day trash history and unrestricted remote upload traffic.


  • One reason why people use cloud storage as a backup service is that they have protection. If they delete a file because of mistake, or only save the incorrect version of a key file.
  • One of the benefits of PCloud lies in the accessibility of all digital formats, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

2. DropBox cloud storage solutions

Features & Specifications:

  • A common service for millions of users for good cause was Dropbox, one of the older cloud storage providers out there. Its corporate side is as knowledgeable and easy to use. DropBox cloud storage solutions business begins with a free trial for 30 days before it is raised to $15 a month per customer. For the volume, the encrypted cloud storage space comes with 5TB. Corporate storage solutions will also be provided if you contact Dropbox for information on a personalized solution.
  • DropBox cloud storage solutions have up to 120 days of retrieval of files, but it’s not a permanent step if you inadvertently delete a file. It provides an easy-to-use GUI and one which is familiar to consumers of the personal service that could save you from much technological assistance.
  • Additional features include Office 365, an audit log admin console, and remote system wipe capabilities for losing or stolen devices.
  • Dropbox cloud storage solutions business is a comprehensive service and is not the cheapest solution, but it does everything you can expect. It is all the easier to turn to so many of your colleagues would almost definitely have used it before.


  • It’s quickly a thing of the past to save the data on a file server or NAS. There are several options for Dropbox Business ranging from a 2TB standard popular storage and up to infinite, depending on what the business needs are actually.
  • Dropbox’s most widely spoken function is file sharing and collaboration. Anyone with a Dropbox account can exchange files and collaborate on documents that allow companies to work efficiently together.
  • You will not have to think about routine backups or save your laptop for the new update of your papers.

3. Google Cloud for Work/GSuite Cloud Storage Solutions

Features & Specifications:

  • Probably, you and your staff are still regularly using Google services—even via G Suite-based email addresses or AdSense accounts. So, using Google Cloud for Work/Business makes full sense. It is just as simple, and your workers already know what to do, as Google Drive is doing on personal accounts.
  • You should sign up for the business kit, which provides an upgraded office suite that has unrestricted archiving and storage features at $12 per user per month. Each customer receives 1 TB of storage if you choose less than five users, but for smaller companies, this storage becomes unrestricted. If your requirements are fewer, you get 30 GB of storage and the same features from the $6/US/month kit.
  • You will edit online files and edit them offline before returning to your team for synchronization with other users. Extensive mobile applications help simplifies this on the go. Collaboration with a range of Google office software, including Google Docs, sheets, and dispositive, is almost effortless to save you money because you can use these in place of dedicated office packages.
  • You can also create your company email via GMAIL and provide popular calendars and team messaging resources using their video and voice conferencing software.


  • G Suite is an online cloud network that has unrestricted storage of your images, files, documents, and e-mails. The update helps you to save all details you want, unlike the free Google Account, which has minimal storage. Keep in mind that anywhere you can use them.
  • The suite includes applications to work on the same papers in conjunction with you and your colleagues. Both paper edits are displayed and stored in the cloud in real-time.
  • Moreover, depending on the version you choose, you just pay for what you need.

4. Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage solutions for Business

Features & Specifications:

  • Microsoft’s Google Drive rival – Microsoft OneDrive for Business – has a high value for money. You will provide 1TB of cloud storage for each account, for just $5 per user per month. You can store files up to 15 GB in size and share them easily with other users as well as within your company. It is simple enough to sync local copies of files or offline directories and you can also edit them from a browser if you like. You may also edit them.
  • The only real concern here is that whilst one drive provides two-factor authentication, you still hope to use the same password as your default password from Microsoft – something you do not be secure right away, but something that is already a problem for Google.
  • All this is available via Microsoft’s low-priced package. If you move to Office365 Business Premium, where things get better still. You get the same volume of cloud storage for $12.50 per month, but you can have access to big Office apps like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Access. There is also a 50GB mailbox email hosting included, along with personalized domain addresses if desired.
  • Five PCs, Macs, five phones, and five tablets per account are all included with each Certificate.


  • Microsoft Office 365 cloud storage solutions offer one advantage. One drive for business is that it runs in the cloud, so you do not need to login to access the files from a certain workstation or laptop. There are also no physical requirements for you in the workplace or logged into your working network if OneDrive is specially designed for this deployment option by the IT department.
  • When the team looks at the same paper version, you get across a project even more quickly. In real-time, you can see updates to your document through the co-authoring function, and a color indication showing your colleagues changing it.
  • You should not even have a difficult or difficult to use OneDrive GUI. This is nearly similar to OneDrive’s edition, so if you have used this product, you do not have much learning curve.
  • The robust record-sharing capabilities of OneDrive provide a further important advantage for business cooperation. You can exchange files with your organization and external users in many different ways. Link sharing provides a direct link to the document to view the content through internal or external users.

5. Box

Features & Specifications:

  • Box cloud storage solutions for Enterprise is a notable name for small companies in the field of cloud storage and is just as good for personal use.
  • If you have a small squad, then the Starter kit is perfect for $5 per customer per month. It has an upload capacity of 100GB of storage. For the price, smartphone entry, version history information, and authentication for two factors are available, and files on your desktop can be accessed.
  • Upgrade to the $15 per customer per month business model and capabilities improve even more. There is limitless storage and a maximum of 5GB upload files for unlimited numbers of people. Advanced usage and safety reporting, avoidance of data losses, plus Active Directory, and single sign-on integration are also available. Additionally, custom branding is a choice here if you choose to use the logo where you can.
  • The choice for Office 365 integration exists in both instances, however, just like Dropbox cloud storage solutions, online editing is not open, and the upload cap is not as high as that for business on Microsoft OneDrive.


  • The links may be used to set the document access permissions (editor or reader or equivalent access). You can only retain access for internal staff in such classified archives.
  • Instead, you can work together in real-time with the feedback and assignments. You will comment on this inside the box if you open a Word document, for example. You do have to install the “Box Edit” to open the appropriate file on your desktop to edit this text.
  • If you worry about being able to still work with Box for Business on an Internet network, then you can relax. It also enables the staff to work offline. All your files (from your desktop) also in offline mode are kept ready by the Box Sync function. This allows the workers to work on their terms with them.
  • You may want to view (as shared) the content on various displays regardless of the size of the page. The vector-based rendering makes this possible.

6. Tresorit

Features & Specifications:

  • Tresorit cloud storage solutions are a new contestant for the throne of cloud storage providers. By becoming even more stable, the service wants to turn itself into a direct competitor for Dropbox. It lets you exchange big files with password-protected connections and any normal file-sharing and sync functionality you might expect from a cloud provider.
  • Based in Switzerland, Tresorit cloud storage solutions provide end-to-end encryption with no information that is supposed to please the consumer most aware of privacy. It also adheres to all the regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.
  • It is also easy to view the files from any computer, and offline access to edit files is available if it is convenient for you. The Tresorit GUI can also be added to a brand if you like.
  • A 14-day free trial is included with the small business kit, then up to 20 USD/money per person for up to nine people and 10 or more for USD 12/money. It is costlier than many rivals, but it’s worth the premium for an extra safe operation.


  • It is much harder than you would expect to provide a high-level defense for file servers. Typically, not enough firewalls, anti-viruses, or other standard security items. You will need a stable server setup to design and manage the servers with the newest security updates. You don’t need to think about safety with Tresorit.
  • Moving to the cloud does not mean the entire file system has to be abandoned. Tresorit allows you to maintain your files as you want them while downloading them into the cloud. It takes only a few taps to upload a backup. Even if you lose the appliance, your data will still be available as Tresorit restores your files in real-time and applies all edits to your online backup automatically. The restore of mistakenly or because of ransomware files is also allowed in Tresorit.

The remainder

We have examined several other alternatives, in addition to the winners listed above.

MEGA cloud storage solutions are free cloud storage hands-down champions. If the 50GB of free storage provided by this Kiwi company is not sufficient for your business needs, they provide four more service levels, with plans from 200GB up to 8TB, all for a monthly cost of less than $25. MEGA provides annual subscription discounts as well.

MEGA also uses end-to-end encryption to secure the files. It is also excellent.

Other Characteristics of MEGA are:

  1. All main browsers, desktops, and handheld devices have global connectivity
  2. Encrypted live backup 
  3. Sure, and real-time cooperation 
  4. Public source file 
  5. Public source code.

As far as we like MEGA cloud storage solutions, there is an inconvenience that those users who have to upload and download big files might experience. With the 10GB cap of MEGA’s bandwidth (cooled every 30 minutes), downloading and uploading may be delayed significantly. However, by creating a connection you can get around this as you collaborate with other users. You should have complete access to them, allow them to modify your files, or just to view or install files.

BackBlaze is a rational solution for performance and security for Mac users that have been engineered and built by Apple engineers for Apple Xcode, but the PC users will also be able to use this service.

BackBlaze cloud storage solutions backups the files to the cloud automatically. This covers papers, photographs, music, and films.

Other Features of the BackBlaze Cloud Storage Solutions

  1. Recover data via browser, mail, or mobile device (via USB to a fee).
  2. Unlimited versioning 
  3. Automatic or planned backup 
  4. Throttling bandwidth for managing the efficiency of backup 
  5. exchange of files


iCloud cloud storage solutions are a trustworthy Apple iOS storage system. Integration into these aspects gives Apple Apple users a rational option, allowing backup of images, games, mail, contacts, music, and more. iCloud also automatically backups the laptop to and from Wi-Fi. While iCloud can be used by desktop users both on Mac and PC, it only integrates with iOS mobile devices.


NextCloud cloud storage solutions are self-hosted solutions that allow your data to be stored with your encryption key in a private cloud on your servers. It is special also because it is an open-source approach that allows you to view and change the source code if necessary.


SpiderOak cloud storage solutions One for companies provides a ‘zero information’ encryption as one of the stable cloud storage solutions. Null knowledge means the information at the end is secured and you keep the encryption key until it is passed into the cloud. When it comes to your results, SpiderOak cloud storage solutions set up its ‘zero awareness’ policy. Edward Snowden has in the news lauded SpiderOak, a computer scientist and a whistleblower. SpiderOak’s selling points are absolute anonymity, full customer access, no hosts’ expertise, and flexible hosting plans. Plans for 150GB of data launch at $6 a month and reach 5TB. SpiderOak provides Enterprise hosted and Enterprise on Premise plans, which need at least 500 customers, to meet specialized business needs such as active directory integration. SpiderOak cloud storage solutions are a good choice for companies that retain proprietary data and need specialized systems and facilities.


Syncplicity cloud storage solutions are a strong cloud host for companies who have confidential data and wish to monitor and restrict access through their administrators. Stored data is usable on many channels through computers, the interface is unimpeded, and comprehensive monitoring functions are available to track the use of content. For management, it enables the implementation of data access policies and controls. It enables you to group users and to manage these groups differently. It also simplifies limitations depending on system location. The 10GB of personal storage is free; the small-scale business plan starts at $ 60 a year per user; the business plan needs at least 25 users. Both paying schemes have a free trial duration of 30 days.


OpenDrive cloud storage solutions provide a wide range of features, including data processing, project, process management, and user management under its business strategy. Data management provides basic data storage, synchronization, and recovery functionality, while online Office management offers more than 17 different file forms for direct editing. Project management is available. Strong desktop tools and applications are available that run on Windows, Mac, and Android platforms. OpenDrive cloud storage solutions have a 5GB free storage standard package with file space limitations and access speeds. The business plans begin at $29.95 a month, which provides unlimited storage, unlimited file size, and unlimited access speed for one person. Up to three user accounts are allowed with a personal unlimited plan (for each additional cost), while an unlimited business system requires unlimited user accounts (at extra cost). Specific prices are required for specific uses.

Amazon Web Services:

Amazon’s AWS cloud storage solutions provide a broad spectrum of cloud-based hosting services. Plans like pay as you go, pay lower if you book, pay lower by more per unit, pay much lower as AWS rises, and pricing. “Pay as you go” just encourages you to pay for used services and no longer-term obligations and no early expenses. The “Payless as your book” scheme enables a reserved power investor to receive discounts and benefits later on. “Payless per device using more” enables one to benefit from lower costs as storage capacity is expanded and information flow is increased.

“This package will pay much less as AWS is increasing,” if AWS optimizations result in lower operating costs one will earn benefits. As you can imagine, personalized pricing is tailored to customer needs. AWS says an exclusive offer of sales facilities, including Online Storage, smartphone data backup, enterprise software hosting, or Gaming in terms of calculations and specialized applications. Price specifics vary greatly in different product offers and you can start with AWS free to learn facilities and estimated costs first-hand.


JustCloud cloud storage solutions have over 50 features including an administrative desk, network drives, access, and authority monitoring, geo-redundant storage, and hourly versioning. The Business Plan costs 25,54 GB of storage space for 5 computers per month and the Business Plan costs 59,95 GB per month and requires 20 computers with 500GB of storage space. If you have larger back-up needs, you can even get a customized schedule. 

The Bottom Line

“Free deals” are often restricted in the technology world. This ensures that the scale and type of data that can be hosted, bandwidth use, Systems (Windows and Linux), backups, and technical support are limited for free cloud storage. This may be great for individual customers, but small companies are probably going to have to pay for a service they use. You should always do your homework before trusting your company information with any supplier while there are plenty of good choices.