Summary and Reviews of Best 10 Levoit Air Purifier

Best Levoit Air Purifiers


Air purifiers become easily less of a privilege and a need. If technology becomes more available, the cost and demand of these air purifiers for the average American increase. Levoit air purifier is always willing to give you perfectly clean air and it will refresh the air in your room by 99.97% with satisfaction.This article examines the accuracy, efficiency, and value for money that the Levoit brand air purifiers offer to the table and will eventually offer you the 10 best air purifiers from Levoit.



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Explanation of The Levoit Air Range 


Core 300/350:

The biggest difference between Core and LV-H series is that there is a 360° air intake in the Core models and that not all LV-H models. The Core 350 is also known for its new ARC Formula, recommended for owners of animals and odors.

LV-PUR Series:

The cleaning agents are designed for large and open areas such as cellars and open planes. At present, the LV-PUR131S is the only Levoit Air Cleaner with WIFI and speech control capability.

Vista 200:

The Vista models are a version of the core models with a moderate price. They look pretty similar, but overall, they’re not that strong.

LV-H Series:

This paper discusses several Levoit LV-H products. These reasonably priced air purifiers are available in different sizes for various sizes. Much of them look like an air purifier in the conventional tower.

Here are the best 10 Levoit Air Purifiers for you…

1. Levoit Air Purifier lv-h132

The Levoit air purifier has been seen to purify the clever air. That’s so many intelligent instruments that can be obtained one by one. Again, the air cleaner study of Levoit suggests a clever air cleaner named Levoit lv-h132. You can nevertheless purchase it if you can be satisfied with the air purifier. In addition, the purifier has cool characteristics that prove ideal. But for large spaces, you can’t buy this kit. For small and medium spaces, the Levoit made this air purifier. The capacity of the room is 129 m2. So, for small and medium spaces, it is a very strong air purifier.

The Levoit air purifier lv-h132 still has no power such as Levoit lv-h133. Yet Levoit lv-price h132’s is incredible. Whereas, LV-h133 from Levoit is costly. Levoit lv-h132 is really among the fastest purifier of air under $100.

Key Features

  • In addition, the LED light will provide a sleep environment.
  • The ACH is four times. The air purifier will then clean air four times an hour.
  • The air purifier has a powerful engine, and the motor perfectly rotates the fan. Incidentally, the engine has three fan speeds.
  • The air purifier has an LED light that takes you in the dark.
  • The capacity of the room is 129 m2. So, for your tiny and medium rooms, you can buy this stuff.
  • The Levoit air purifier lv-h132 filter, like most purifiers, purifies 99.97% of the air. It’s all the air purifiers’ typical and significant affair.
  • The UVC Light and Anion are not used by the Levoit. This is because the breath is poisonous. 
  • Three advanced technology filters are available. The three purifiers act like any other purifier. 
  • When you use the 25dB sound stage, you can sleep with low noise. Sound level 25dB means three fan speeds at a lower level


  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5 
  • Weight: 6.61 lb 
  • Power source, 4.5 x 8.5 x 28.5 inches
  • Rating of power: 28W 
  • Effective power supply: 129 ft2 (12 m2) 
  • Rated capacity.
  • CADR: 40 CFM 
  • Operating temperature: 14°F–104°F 
  • Sound level: 25 – 50 dB
  • Power station: 8W


  • A low-cost air cleaner.
  • Of necessity, it’s an advantageous device.
  • Ideal addition for small to medium-sized rooms.
  • Simple filter substitution and cleaning.


• No Wi-Fi facility, remote and automated access.

Levoit lv-h132

2. Levoit Air Purifier lv-h133

For large rooms, we’ve got some air purifiers and I told you that. The Levoit air purifier lv-h133 is therefore capable of handling your large spaces. It comes with a space coverage size of 620 square feet. The Levoit air purifier lv-h133 is stronger than the Levoit vista 200 in this scenario. But all cleaners have different CADR and ACH capabilities as well as space coverage. Furthermore, the purifier’s sound frequency is somewhat below view 200.

The purifier’s ACH is 4x. This purifier ensures that the air can be filtered 4 times an hour. The purifier also has three fan speeds that allow you to reduce noise and sleep. Levoit air purifier LV-133 is not equipped with an LED display. So, from view 200, Levoit air purifier lv-h133 lags. Both air purifiers from the location are fine. They are not identical and are available for various room coverage. 

Key Features

  • Auto mode automatically sets the fan rpm. Thus, the airborne particles are detected by the particle sensor.
  • CADR is 274 Dust/285 Smoke/287 Pollen CFM. The CADR is 4X.
  • In a space size of 881 ft2/82 m2, the Levoit lv-h133 offers fresh air in 30 minutes. Again, 538 ft2/50 m2, rooms within 18 minutes can be processed.
  • The LED screen helps to make your sleep a perfect spot. In addition, it is an intelligent machine.
  • There is a timer system. Still, up to 12 hours can be scheduled.
  • This purifier’s sound frequency is smaller than that of View 200. The sound rating of 25dB is the highest.
  • You will get fresh air with your breath by 99.97 percent. Wherever this purifier removes the soil, bacteria, spores, mold, allergens, and odor.


  • AC 120V, 60Hz power source.
  • AC 120V, 60Hz Power: AC 120V
  • Available: 538 square ft2 (50 m2)
  • Certified by CARB
  • Certified by FCC
  • Coverage of the room: 620 meters
  • Electricity: 33W
  • Notes: 4.6 of 5
  • Power Standby: 8W
  • Size: 23 x 12 x 12 cm.
  • Sound: 25- 54dB
  • The temperature of service: 14°F–104°F
  • Weight: 21 pounds


  • Intelligent functionality.
  • It is used to handle large spaces.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Perfect for you.
  • Screen with LEDs.
  • Three velocity filters and three speeds.
  • User-friendly.


  • Not included LED light.

Levoit lv-h133

3. Levoit Air Purifier LV-H134

The Levoit air purifier LV-H134 has many advantages that exceed the 200- and Levoit lv-h132 features. The Levoit LV-H134 should not care about the best fuel savings for your electrical power. The filtering of all purifiers should be regulated. The Levoit LV-H134 has three filtering speeds that guarantee 99.97% fresh air. The filter takes out pollen, allergens, germs, viruses, smells, and smoke. The air purifier uses the right strength to catch and push the air. 

However, if you need a large room air purifier, the purifier is the best system. This purifier has very clever properties and specs. This product can be judged by the characteristics and specifications. If you would like to hear more about this Levoit air purifier analysis, you can click here. Since you and a profound inspection of Levoit LV-H134 are given.

Key Features

  • 25dB of sound can be used. And this level of sound is the lowest.
  • A smart laser sensor is used to detect particles in the air, and this purifier can automatically change ventilation speed within 30 seconds.
  • The ACH is four times or four times the purifier in an hour.
  • The air purifier contains three fan speeds. The speed and power are derived from the engine.
  • The Levoit LV-H134 will pick up the air more quickly. This air purifier would then drive clean air for an air intake of 360 degrees.
  • The LV-H134 air purifier of Levoit typically has three air purifier filters 99. 97 percent.
  • This intelligent system comes with an energy-saving rate of 45W. This purifier can also be used every day at the low cost of electricity.
  • With this purifier, you’ll get an LED show. If you want the dark mode, you can disable this LED display light.


  • 32.2 x 16 x 15.3 cm inch.
  • ACTS: CFM 312
  • Application-level: 25- 54dB
  • Capability: 710 ft2 / 66 m2.
  • Classification: 4.5 of 5
  • Coverage of room: 710 ft2.
  • Electricity rating: 45W
  • Input Power Source: AC 120V, 60Hz
  • Moisture: 85% of RH
  • Power Standby: 8W
  • Tempe: 14°F–104°F.
  • Weight: 35 lbs.


  • Best achievement.
  • Intelligent device and advantage.
  • Made for large rooms.
  • Strong CARD is supplied.
  • Sustainable and durable.


  • You’ll experience a little bit of high noise if you use the fastest fan pace.

Levoit LV-H134

4. Levoit Air Purifier vista 200

Levoit air purifier vista 200 is supplied with a lot of functionality. The fan speed and filtration are the major advantages. This purifier has three low, medium, and moderate fan speeds. If you sleep, you should use the low speed. In addition, the tone, won’t annoy you. Again, for your advantage, you have the time setting, the night mode, the power button, the LED control panel’s brightness, and the fan speed control. These are available in the LED panel.

The real HEPA filter and carbon filter enabled pre-filter to ensure that the air is clear and good. It takes out all types of solids and ashes. Of course, the filters protect you from contamination, smoke, bacteria, and all sorts of odors, allergens, and allergens.

Key Features

  • Air purifier Levoit Visa 200 is 100% ozone-free and does not use UV or ion. As a result, harmful air is not harmful to the lungs and distinguishes it from contaminating air.
  • In freshening the air, the filters play a significant part. This purifier has three filtering stages. These filters also have 99.97% fresh air with a technological edge.
  • It absorbs just under 0.9 W of energy and can operate 24 hrs a day, thereby reducing the electricity expenditure.
  • The ACH air cleanser is 2X or it will filter sir twice an hour. It’s just at 40 CFM that CADR is.
  • The interior of this purifier contains an LED lamp.
  • There are three speeds in the Levoit vista 200. In addition, these are noisy speeds. The sound is a minimum of 26dB.


  • 4.95 pounds Weight
  • 7.9 x 7.9 x 12.9 centimeters inches.
  • Available area: 161 ft2 / 15 m2
  • Cabled-electric powered by:
  • Capacity: 161 sq. ft.
  • Classes: 4.5 of 5 s
  • Electricity supply: AC 100–240V/output: DC 12V
  • Level of sound 26–52 dB
  • Wattage: 15. 0 W


  • An ideal long-lasting air purifier.
  • Best air purifier for less than $100.
  • Level of 3 speeds.
  • The filter is easy to replace and disinfect.
  • Well-filtered.


  • All are manual. 
  • No automatic power or remote control.

Levoit vista 200

5. Levoit Air Purifier LV-PUR131

An exceptional Levoit device is the air purifier. Not just that, Levoit made the updated Levoit LV-PUR131-S LV-PUR131 as well. These purifiers are almost the same, but there’s something more. In either case, our next check on the Levoit air purifier LV-PUR131-S is Levoit. This air purifier is not intended for large spaces. It is for medium-sized spaces. You need not waste time on this purifier if you need an air purifier for a big space. Jump to a different computer, then. In addition, the filters are incredible. The filter eliminates all items completed, though it has three filters. Finally, it gives you fresh air for 99.97% that’s fantastic for your breath.

This system protects the air from pollution, dust, germs, viruses, allergies, and smell. You should use this for your kitchen, your toilet, your dining room, your drawer, etc. For more from the extra characteristics. If not, the study LV-PUR131 is conducted in Levoit with a broader debate.

Key Features

  • The timer is 1-12 hours. It ensures that you can set the timer to run automatically for 12 hours maximum.
  • The purifier has three pre-filters, True HEPA filters and carbon filters enabled. Filters extract noxious germs, mold spores, pollen, and animal dander as thin as 0.3 microns from the air, dust, and other allergens.
  • The lowest fan speed mode sound is 27 dB. It is the best place to sleep in your indoor world.
  • The LED control panel includes three fan velocity controls, timer, auto mode, and power boutons, etc.
  • Levoit filters LV-PUR131 provide 99,97 percent of your space fresh air.
  • It has space coverage of 360 square ft. and can accommodate a total of 30 minutes in 360 square ft spaces.


  • Weight: 11.24 pounds
  • Timber: 14°F~104°F.
  • Range: 300 sqft (30 sqm). Effective range.
  • Power standby: 0.8W
  • Out of 5 rates: 4.5
  • Measures: 14.5 x 7.2 x 18.5 cm.
  • Electricity: 40W
  • Capacity: 360 sq. ft.
  • CADR: 135 CFM, 30 square meters/h.
  • AC 120V / 60Hz power supply


  • User-friendly.
  • The highest efficiency at lower power prices.
  • It is very easy to modify and replace the filter.
  • FCC Certified. 
  • Crazy apparatus.


  • No wireless internet or remote.

Levoit LV-PUR131

6. Levoit Air Purifier core 300

The Levoit air purifier lv-pur131/S isn’t intelligent, but the Levoit 300 core air purifier is clever and sweet, too. Yeah, no WI-FI control system is available but all services are provided by the control panel. Fan speeds, time, power button, automotive mode, etc. are given in the LED control panel. For all, you get long-term and better results. The purifier is generally produced in small and medium rooms. And the purifier’s ACH is quicker than some. Up to 5 times an hour, this purifier can clean air.

Moreover, you will achieve the best results with this Levoit air purifier. Furthermore, it is a versatile instrument that can perfectly trap air. After filtering, the fan throws out the fresh air. In your whole space, the filtered air will reach quickly. And then the purifier is able again to be filtered. Information on the cool additional fractures and specifications are available. An additional analysis of Levoit core 300 will otherwise be obtained.

Key Features

  • The system is also a nice sleeping area. The sound frequency is the lowest of 24db.
  • This air purifier is ACH 5X which tells you it is quicker.
  • The Levoit 300 has a 2/4/6/8-hour 4-timer adjustment.
  • Strong motor has three fan speeds
  • Space coverage is 219 s2 ft, and the CADR number is 230 + m3/h.
  • Projection light can be turned off and the night is fine.
  • It is really quick to clean and replace the filter. After 6-8 months you should substitute the filters.
  • High technology filters are made to last for a long time.
  • 300-air-purifier core Levoit will make your home new. Due to 99,97 percent air cleaning by the filters of this purifier.
  • 100% ozone-free air can be obtained. Since the UV/Ion illumination is not used in this air purifier.


  • Tempe: 14°F–104°F.
  • Sound: 24–50dB
  • Size: 8.7 x 8.7 x 14.2″ 32″
  • Power Standby: 8W
  • Moisture: 85% of RH
  • Input Power Source: AC 120V, 60Hz
  • Electricity rating: 45W
  • Coworking: 219 sq. ft.
  • Capacity: 219 ft2 / 20 m2.
  • 8.9 pounds Weight:


  • Priceless than $100.
  • Perfect for medium-sized and small rooms.
  • Low sleep mode sound system.
  • High energy. High strength.
  • Filtration of high efficiency.


  • Not an intelligent sensor.
  • This is an ancient edition.

Levoit core 300

7. Levoit Air Purifier lv-pur131s

The smartest computer in the article was previously Levoit air purifier lv-pur131. The Levoit lv-pur131-S is however smarter and more profitable than the Levoit lv-pur131. The two purifiers are almost the same. However, they have various problems. Room coverage and characteristics are nearly identical, of course.

However, you can use an application such as the Vesync APP to monitor this device from your computer. You should use the control panel if you choose to use it manually. Again, there would be a voice control system. This is the biggest concern of the two purifiers, in particular. In addition, the price of the two cleaners is not the same. The price is 10$ above Levoit air purifier lv-pur131-S than Levoit air purifier lv-pur131. The purifiers are not costly by the way. And under $200 you can have this.

Key Features

  • ACH is twice as big. You see, ACH 2X allows the purifier to clear air in 30 minutes for a while. For the space of 360 m2, 2x per hour is used.
  • It’s not that good to create a dream place to sleep. The lowest level of noise is 27 dB.
  • Levoit lv-pur131s is equipped with voice control. Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Assistant are available. Ok, you’re going to use your VeSync app mobile.
  • Thirty percent quicker and higher filters.
  • Three stages of filters are the pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and trigger carbon filter. The filter thoroughly purifies the air.
  • Three timer options are available and the timer is 1-12 hours.
  • WI-FI is a 2.4 GHz network. In addition, the purifier will save your electricity and produce quality air for you.
  • With three fan speeds, you’ll get this purifier. At the lowest speed, you can get 2X ACH. However, you can get 4.5 ACH at high rpm.


  • AC 120V, 60Hz power: AC 120V
  • Audio: 27- 52dB
  • CADR: 135 CFM, 30 square meters/h.
  • Calibration: 30 m2 (360 ft2)
  • Capacity: 360 sq. ft.
  • Conditions of operation: 14°F–104°F
  • Electricity: 40W
  • Measurements: 21.6 x 17.5 x 10 cm.
  • Power Standby: 8W
  • Weight: PL 15.2


  • Controlling speech.
  • Device WI-FI.
  • Intelligent technologies.
  • Preis and electricity affordable.
  • Simple leaning and filter substitution.
  • The IFTTT and Google Assistants are managed by Alexa.


  • Slightly tough to operate

Levoit lv-pur131s

8. Levoit Air Purifier LV-H135

Come now to the air purifier Levoit air purifier LV-H135. This is not unlike another air purifier Levoit, but it has a strong coverage range in the large rooms. This cleanser is one of the better options if You choose to purchase an air purifier for your large rooms. With CADR rates, the ACH is 4 times higher than 274 Dust/ 285 Smoke/ 287 Pollen CFM. The ACH then ensures that the purifier will filter 4 times per hour. In any case, this CADR and ACH are ideal for your large kitchen, bedroom, and desk. It naturally has a high-performance and rapid engine which can generate precise fan rotation strength.

You are aware of three air cleaning filters that are 99.97%. This purifier’s filters are also ideal for asthma, infection, bacteria, smell and mouth removal, and so on. In reality, the filter gives you healthy air to breathe. In fact. Furthermore, after cleaning the air is 100% ozone-free. And, like other Levoit air purifiers, filtering will be smooth. As an intelligent computer, it offers more technological advantages. The control panel with multiple types of equipment is the most significant technology. Usual facts are the countdown, speed control, automatic mode, etc.

Key Features

  • If you use it daily, the clever and quicker filers last 6 to 8 months.
  • It is an excellent air purifier that can destroy any kind of hazardous stuff such as germs, viruses, bacteria, and allergens. So, 99,97 percent of the fresh air is completely clean.
  • It is the right place to sleep and to make a safe place.
  • It quickly detects pollutants from the air and eliminates them with this purifier. This purifier can be used in auto mode.
  • Like other Levoit purifiers, you can get three fan speeds. In addition, the lowest fan speed level of noise for your sleep is 26dB.
  • The LED monitor of the control panel enables you to set a timer to 2, 4, 8 hours.
  • These 795 sq. ft. rooms in Levoit air purifier LV-H135 will fill up to 795 sq. ft. rooms 4 times an hour. However, if you use the system in smaller areas, it will have faster results.


  • Weight: 17.85 pounds
  • Temp.: 14°F–104°F.
  • Strength of resistance: 0.8W
  • Moisture: 95 percent HR
  • Measurements: 24.6 x 13.6 x 13.3″
  • Light: 26- 54dB.
  • Electricity rating: 40W
  • Capacity: 795 sq. ft.
  • Capacity: 463 ft2 / 43 m2.
  • AC 120V, 60Hz power source.


  • Relatively low prices
  • It offers its users the best results.
  • In any respect, it is ahead


  • The covered area should be much larger

Levoit LV-H135

9. Levoit Air Purifier vital 100

You are now in the last Levoit Air Cleaner review article product. And the look is new with this product. But in the indoor climate, it may play an important role. The unique thing about the Levoit vital 100 is low tonicity. We know from the lowest fan speed we can get the lowest tone. So, the lowest fan speed is 23 DB, ensuring your deep sleep in a quiet setting. The lowest sound in this article is provided by this piece. The high-speed sound is also 50 DB, which is not a loud high-speed mode.

In addition, this purifier provides you with three filters and three fan speeds. The price is once again very competitive and your electrical bill can be economized by the purifier. On either hand, it’s awesome and cost-effective! In either case, the critical Levoit air purifier 100 is the optimal purifier. But it’s not liked another purifier or this review post, a more intelligent system. The air purifier is an allergens remover expert. In addition, all sorts of dangers are removed from filters.

Key Features

  • If you use it daily, the filters of the purifier last 6-8 months.
  • 99.97 percent of airborne particles can be captured and removed by the Levoit critical 100.
  • In 30 minutes, the purifier can accommodate a space of 500 ft2. Again, you can tackle 300 ft2 space in just 18 minutes if you use the purifier in a 300 sq ft room.
  • In the 23dB of sound, you can get less noise. 23dB of sound is the lowest sound quality.
  • The air purifier monitor is LED and is equipped with three-period choices that last 2, 4, or 8 hours.
  • This purifier is not larger in dimension. It can clean the air with high strength as a medium-sized purifier.
  • Three filters operate well and dust, pet dander, pollen, fungus, and germs are removed.
  • Three-speed control panel fans that can be maintained.
  • Using UV-C light, ozone cannot be removed. But this air purifier does not have UV-C light to kill 100% of the ozone.


  • Capacity: 300 ft2 / 28 m2
  • Classification: 4.6 from 5
  • Electrical power input: AC 120V, 60Hz
  • Electricity: 55 W
  • Measurements: 12.8 x 6.4 x 16.1 cm.
  • Moisture: 85 percent HR
  • Power Standby: 5W
  • Sound: 23-50dB
  • Temp.: 14°F–104°F.
  • Weight: 10.25 pounds


  • Ensure breathable air quality and allergen removal.
  • For low tone, it’s the strongest.
  • Low pitch, but stronger and quicker.
  • Provides air clear of 100% ozone.
  • Three ideal filtering measures.


  • There is no smart sensor for this purifier.

Levoit vital 100

10. Levoit Air Purifier core p350

After the Levoit air purifier core 300, Levoit core p350 came. The Levoit air purifier core p350 is not an outdated model on the market. The Levoit core 300 is the same. No big difference can be seen in the purifiers. You should then read this debate and other features. The differences and parallels can then be seen. I would like to tell you about the Levoit air purifier 300 core and Levoit air purifier p350 core benefits. For a larger space up to 300-400 sq. ft you should use the purifiers. So how does that happen?

See, 5X ACH is the cleaner. So, five times an hour, will it filter, right? You can use the 3x or 4X ACH if you use up to 300 sq. ft. of space. The air is then filtered 3-4 times by the purifiers. Although your huge space will hide it. The purifiers are useful to you in this situation. Even, just 15-20$ is higher than Levoit core 300 for the Levoit air purifier core p350 price.

Furthermore, you’ll have healthy air for you and your boys. You will have these if you have an allergy. And the cleansers fully kill allergens. By the way, there is no big gap between the two purifiers. However, the core p350 from Levoit is an improved 300 core edition. 

We have a single overview of Levoit core p350. Get it if deeper knowledge is required.

Key Features

  • 2/4/8/12 is a four-timer setting that is beneficial than an air purifier in Levoit.
  • Air flux of 240 m3/h, which is available at 219 sq. ft. is generated by the high-powered vortex technology.
  • It has a lowest-speed sound level of 24 dB that gives you a good and quiet environment to sleep in.
  • The CADR consists of 140 Dust / 141 Smoke / 145 CFM pollen. And this appliance’s ACH is 5X.
  • The LED light monitor on/off device makes a place to sleep more appropriate.
  • The three fan speed settings are high and you can use these speeds if you like.
  • This purifier has three filters which operate as Levoit core 300 with the Prefilter, True HEPA, and Activate Carbon Filter.


  • 24–50 dB sound range
  • 8.9 pounds weight
  • AC 120V, 60Hz power source.
  • California: 14°-104°F
  • Classes: 8 of 5
  • Concentration: 240 m3/h.
  • Electricity: 45W
  • Moisture: 85 percent HR
  • Size: 8.7 x 8.7 x 14.2 cm.
  • Space covering: 219 sq ft/ 20 m2.


  • A bit cleverer than the 300 heart.
  • Good velocity fan.
  • High quality. High quality.
  • If you have to repair the filters, you will get the filter at a reasonable price.
  • New edition and new paint.


  • No upgrade to the LED Sensor.

Levoit core p350

Installation and use

The configuration and usability of all Levoit models are both quick. As there is no convergence with smartphones or wireless connections, what you need to do is:

  • Unbox per cleanser
  • Ensure that the filter is correctly assembled
  • Turn on the machine.
  • You can choose either a manual fan speed at this stage or switching the purifier to Auto Mode (if the model permits).
  • The Auto Mode adjusts the fan speed automatically while a quick press of a button enables the manual fan velocity.

How to treat the Levoit purifiers?

  • There are several important steps in maintaining the device smoothly, as in any other air purifier.
  • Real maintenance means the use of a dry cloth to clean the air vents periodically to keep them away from dust and waste.
  • Check and replace the filter if necessary.

What to think before buying an air purifier?


Determine an air purifier not only by how good it is but also by how well you can work with it. These machines should still work, but they should preferably also be silent. (The noise rating of about 50 decibels is approximately the same as that of a cold cup.) You will see how many Decibels a model works before you purchase on the packaging or website list. Certification of certifications


The amount of clean air generated by air purifiers at its maximum speed is reflected by CADR in cubic feet per minute. For instance, a dust particulate purifier with a CADR of250 decreases dust levels by applying 250 cubic feet of clean air per moment to the same concentration. The higher the CADR, the more quickly and efficiently the air purifier is. Home air purifiers also reach the highest CADR with HEPA filters. In our assessments, a CADR over 240 receives an Excellent grade; from 240. to 180. Very good; from 179 to 120. Good; from 119 to 60.

The scale of the room

If an AHAM Verified seal exists in an air purifier, you can trust that the air purifier can accommodate the proposed space on the seal. Be alert, however, to the arguments of producers. We checked several air purifiers not suited for the requested scale of their rooms. Based on the test results, you can review ratings for the room size set we recommend for each model. Think of sizing up, too. Most versions ideal for big rooms (350 square feet above sea level) also run at lower (still slower) levels, which is great when you watch TV or sleep.

Replacement filter costs

You should normally replace filters (or purify those which can be cleaned) for plunged filters every six to 12 months and for carbon-activated filters every three months. Most of the testing units have an indication to indicate when the filter should be changed (or cleaned). The prices for filters vary considerably, but they range from $20 to more than $200 a pop in our testing of high air purifiers. Carbon smell filters will cost up to $50. Filters.

Air Cleaning Bonus Features

Additional features of certain air purifiers, including:

  • Bright signal for filter substitution 
  • Shut-off options to dim and show
  • Timer programmable
  • Remote unit control.
  • Smart (digital aid and/or app integration) functions

These extras can make an air purifier more convenient, but they certainly do not make it much more worthwhile. You can set a calendar alert to adjust your air filter depending on the maintenance schedule of your air purifier as an example of what these features can do.

Final Verdict

There are several other features, in addition to the three filters within the air purifier, which make your decision. Thanks to the space-saving design, you can conveniently add the filter to your room whether at home or work. Three fan speeds are available: low, medium, and high which allows you to obtain the exact amount of filter needed and ensures that the filter works mostly. There is also a night light mode with two brightness settings, which provides comfort at night. The low noise from the filter ensures that you can use it at night or work without any sleep or normal work messing with the son.

This filter does not use ions or UV to work, but it is a better environmental alternative and, like some other filters, it doesn’t emit ozone. This is certainly the air filter for you if you want an environmentally sound solution. We hope that our reviewed best 10 Levoit Air Purifier, Maintenance Tips, and Buying Guides will help you to find out and maintain your own.