The Best Handles For Kitchen Cabinets At Affordable Price

Best Kitchen Cabinet Handles


Most homeowners prefer to personalize their projects using handles for kitchen cabinets. Handles for kitchen cabinets not only minimize cabinet wear, finger smudges, and grime considerably but are vital elements of the style as well. They accumulate as the bare hands hit door surfaces each day with a smart kitchen cabinets ideas.

Although you might be tempted to say that you will choose the hardware for the modern kitchen cabinet later, it is much easier to take one final decision and let the installers do all the work for you. Then you can love your cooking look done early, and knock off your to-do list for another thing.

Here you can find a comprehensive list of our best handles for the best kitchen cabinets, knobs, and pulls etc. at affordable price counting to hardware number one – just revised in 2021!

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Amazon Basics Euro Bar Handles For Kitchen Cabinets (1/2-inch Diameter), 5.38-inch Length (3-inch Hole Center), Flat Black, 10-Pack

Feels strong, considerable, and good-made at first sight. The rate for the things from other retailers was a fraction of that. Like some have said, though, there is a slight shortage of quality management, some handles seem not to be matched. You’ll see most handles wobbled before putting them on the countertop. Hence, the stem doesn’t seem misangled.

The package is equipped with 25 long and short hardware handles. Any of my cabinets needed to fit well. This fit for my Amazon sink faucet is outstanding. The nearest big box hardware store is a minor price differential from Amazon, but there is consistency. The handles will overview the style and luxury of your kitchen cabinets.

Amazon Basics Euro Bar Handles


  • The cabinet pulls for Amazon Basics Euro Bar are available in many finishes and various sizes between 5.38 and 21.25 cm.
  • The cabinet pulls have a clean and trendy appearance and has selected to coordinate with every kitchen, toilet, or whole house remodeling.
  • The pulls have hand-finished and have built to last with robust zinc alloy, to ensure that a consistent look at any design and hardware.
  • The Euro bar pulls have fitted in most regular cabinets with 1-inch and 1.5-inch mounting torses.
  • Flat Black Finish, Flat Black Finish Range of pull: 5.38 inch, middle hole to hole: 3 inch, and screening: 1.38 inch.
  • Includes 1″ & 1,5-inch mounting tubes; depending on cabinet diameter, you will have to buy screws of extra length; Scale metric computer screw: M 8-32.

Goldenwarm Gold Cabinet Pulls Brass Kitchen Hardware – LS1212GD64

These handles for kitchen cabinets have made of high quality, hard to rust stainless steel, which gives you a long service. Various sizes of brushed-gold cabinet pulling are available, from a single punch to 10-inch punching centers.

For various applications, you can choose the appropriate size. The pointed edge, round edge treatment for the polished brass cabinet pulls protects your hands in operation. Hot and safe. Safe. A good finish is a polished texture. They are hollow parts that make them feel light but don’t bend and they should be ok for cooking. Each fifth, you’ll be able to enjoy soothing swimming with these cabinet pulls.

These pulls would make you so happy. A strong pull in modern brass is very difficult to find and the price is excellent. These sound more cumbersome and costly than they are.

Pulls Brass Kitchen Hardware


  • Notes: individually packaged and bagged poly, with mounting tubes 1″ and 1.”57,” suit well in hardware, with no necessary modifications and plenty of screw space.
  • Measurement: Hole center: 2-1/2″‘, total longitude: 4,” width: 1/2,” projection: 1.34.”. Measurement:
  • Material: These handles for kitchen cabinets has made of imported stainless steel with a hollow but stable and robust brushed metal finish that can be practical and stylish over the years.
  • Function: these gold brass drawer drawers have widely used for decorating or updating any old mid-century furniture.
  • Lifetime Warranty: We’ll refund/replace the order if a product quality problem exists.

Franklin Brass Parow Kitchen Cabinet Knobs or Drawer Knobs 10-Pack

It is motionless a fine time to add handles for kitchen cabinets to your home décor, regardless of whether you have to add new appliances in the kitchen, remodel your cabinet or install new ropes and duch heads in your bathroom. The Webber Knob has a modern, delicate edge detail architectural profile.

This timeless knob is a fine accent for traditional and casual furnishings and has made of die-cast zinc with long service life. Hardware has used with the installation. Franklin Brass provides a full range of cost-effective cabinet pulls for immediate upgrades to your kitchen, bathroom, or furnishings.

Franklin Brass Parow Kitchen Cabinet


  • The perfect part for a wood-finished or painted armoire and tipper is Satin Nickel.
  • The addition of these handles for kitchen cabinets will make your home decor feel more comfortable. A basic shift can have a big effect on every room’s look and sound.
  • Home improvement facilitated. Standard tools for installation has included.
  • Turn your area completely by just flipping the knobs and handles of your cabinet off.
  • Any hardware for Franklin Brass’s cabinet requires hardware to allow the project a fast completion.
  • The difference between one end and the other is the full length. Pull length can vary based on nature and the style and often be longer than the center to center.
  • On the back of each knob, there is a little spike or barb. When the screw is tightened during mounting, the spike has pulled into the case so that it doesn’t rotate. These must be mounted by keeping the button in place with a screwdriver and rotating the screw.

1Pack Goldenwarm Black Square Bar Handles For Kitchen Cabinets

These handles for kitchen cabinets in the kitchen are robust and friendly with a very pleasant black finish. It’s nice and convenient. Wonderful look to make the kitchen cabinets and drawers look even lovelier. Replace your rusty handles with warm gold pulls and your kitchen will suddenly look better.

If you like new handles, it is a cost-effective way to make kitchen cabinets look worth one million dollars. There are however two sets of different length screws for each handle, and no further screws were required for me. The slag can be cleaned from threads by buying a tap. In my kitchenette in your freshly completed basement, you’ll love this modern and trendy look.

You should know that it’s hollow inside, but it does not look or feel cheap, and it has a decent weight.

Goldenwarm Black Square Bar Handles


  • Includes package: 1 black pull pack with regular matching screws (1 inch & 1.57 inch).
  • Scale metric machine screw: M4. Depending on the cabinet thickness, you can pick the correct dimension. Each pull has bundled and packed separately to cover the beautiful color.
  • Total Length:88mm(3-1/2inch),Width:12mm(1⁄2in),Hight:35mm(1-2/5in)
  • Material: Stainless Steel black cabinet toys, hollow, but robust and stunning to suit your needs.
  • Hole Centers: 76 mm (3 inches), please carefully weigh your cabinet and determine which size you need
  • Very reasonable Premium: Just note: These handle pulls are much smaller, but high quality, highly economical, than your local house.

Homdiy Kitchen Cabinet Handles Brushed Nickel Cabinet Pulls 96mm 3-3/4 inch Hole Centers – HD201SN

These handles for kitchen cabinets are the same as the $8 apiece you get from a room. It is of high quality and much much cheaper, of course. They’ll make your kitchen look tidy, sleek, and costly, with no money at all. You should order them in the rest of the house to replace any cabinet handle. These pull handles just fit incredible and you love to finish the brush.

They come in two different sizes, short and long, individually wrapped in transparent plastic. You won’t mind that these are light and empty. All are in the installation process. Sustainable but low weight. These bars (one of the reasons why you will love them). I certainly suggest purchasing the tool for measures of the cabinet handle.

Homdiy Kitchen Cabinet Handles


  • Function: This classic handles for kitchen cabinets look fantastic and good. This hardware in your rustic/modern kitchen would look radiant in your kitchen.
  • Material: 1 Pack Cabinet Handle, high-quality brushed nickel steel, and they certainly feel strong
  • Measures: Center to center with 3,75 inches in total length and 6 inches diameter; 1-1/4 inches projection
  • Notes: Every handle has 1 inch & 1.57 inches assembly torches; depending on the width of your cabinet, you can need to buy extra length torches; Scale metric of the unit screw metric 4.

Hickory Hardware HH075336-EGN Skylight Collection Pull

Hickory Hardware’s Skylight range had predisposed by contemporary cuisine and its basic form of architecture: the square and the 90° angle. This party incorporates the balance between proportion and not embellished detail with emphasis on shape.

The skylight can seamlessly work with almost any cabinet design with its streamlined elegant look. Change the kitchen look by mounting matched Skylight buttons on top cabinets and pulls on bottom cabinets. For a more sophisticated look, choose longer pull lengths. For doors that are particularly large or large, longer pulls fit better to bring the eye outwards to balance the cabinets proportionally.

Hickory Hardware Collection Pull


  • Center to center 12 inches, projection: 1-3/8 inches, length: 12-7/16 inches, and width: 7/16 inches.
  • A symbol of convenience, the Skylight set has a short lifespan and is a polyvalent collection that has converted by finishing.
  • The Golden Nickel Elusive finish handles for kitchen cabinets are neutral to perfection. Mixed metals are becoming more popular and the golden color of the nickel-base almost looks like nickel from old age. It also blends well with bronze champagne.
  • The linear shapes of the series contribute to the industrial feel and all necessary assembly hardware for easy installation.
  • Skylight has similar hooks and track sets for a simple organization, which is great for your mudroom, laundry room, entrance, or foyer.
  • A lot of Hickory Hardware’s knob range has special stimuli to discourage and hold the knives in place, which are important for square knives.

Allison Value 3-3/4 in (96 mm) Center-to-Center Satin Nickel Cabinet Handles For Kitchen Cabinets-25 Pack

Amerock is the best source for your hardware requirements in the kitchen, bathroom, and other houses with a range of finishes and styles for any palate. Amerock provides a wide range of trend-rich, practical, and bathroom decorative items that match beauty and functionality.

Whether it’s the Arrondi Collection Double-Towel Bar in Golden Champagne or the Black Bronze Collection Appliance Pull, Amerock has perfect decoration for your dream room, hook, line, practical, and bath hardware solution. The Allison Value Collection will handle all personal styles, from rustic to urban, relaxed, and traditional to futuristic, classic Mushroom Knob to eccentric cabinet pull.

Allison Nickel Cabinet Handles For Kitchen


  • Center-to-center sweep 3 3/4 in (96 mm)
  • Completed in 25 Pack Satin Nickel
  • Includes hardware for mounting: (Truss Head Machine Screw size(s):#8-32 x 1)
  • Uncompromised standard at a priceless
  • Allison Value Collection knobs and pulls feature hardware mounting and has intricately designed to achieve long-term elegance and longevity with strong zinc.
  • Add to every space or home modelization project the ideal final touch with decorative Amerock hardware solutions.
  • The Amerock tool template contains door and drawer assembly templates, which make it suitable for kitchen or vanity facilities.

Amerock BP55223G10 Allison Pull, Satin Nickel

These most famous collections have influenced by buildings, ranging from modern towns and rural farmhouses in picturesque countryside. The Blythe collection is the definition of classic elegance, with a ribbed barrel core flanked by decorative highlights and sleek curved lines. Please take less time and enjoy more of your hardware in your closet!

The Amerock door/drawer tool schematic enables precise implementation in three simple steps of the device. Includes doors and drawers, the Amerock installation template is an excellent option for kitchens and vanity systems. Compatible for all Amerock bottles and sweaters range from middle to center measurement of 3 inches (76 mm) up to 5-1/16 inches (128 mm). Add one for fast and simple installation to your order.

Amerock Allison Pull


  • 3-3/4 sweater in (96 mm) Center-to-center and detailed with the elegance and longevity of the whole lifetime.
  • Includes hardware for mounting: (Truss Head Machine Screw Sized(s):#8-32 x 2in)
  • Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and manufacturing by Amerock Guardian.
  • The regular or overcast knives, 4 cabinets pull sizes, and 3 appliance pull-sizes can be selected in Satin Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Polished Nickel, Weathered Nickel, Venetian Bronze, or Brushed Copper.
  • High quality, long-life zinc construction and suitable for the handles for kitchen cabinets or drawers in any room or furniture
  • The Amerock hardware offers you the power to demonstrate your style and convert your room with a range of sizes and finishes for each piece.
  • Amerock provides a wide range of trend-rich, practical, and bathroom decorative items that match beauty and functionality.

Ravinte 2 Pack 5” Cabinet Pulls Matte Black Stainless Steel Handles For Kitchen Cabinets 5” Length, 3” Hole Center

If you want to look and get something practical – they’re perfect handles for kitchen cabinets! You’re tough enough to get the work done, you have no reservations, and you’re proud to have purchased them. They were also very simple to use.

You should use a pull template in a cabinet – it doesn’t come with the handles, so it makes life very easy and I recommend one template package. One thing to note is that they have 2 screw sizes. One is short and one is super long, which has supposed to be sliced along non-threaded spots. Depending on how sturdy your cabinet doors are, you might need to buy something which might break metal.

Ravinte Cabinet Pulls Matte Black Stainless Steel Handles


  • Clean of risks Trail 100 days: You enjoy your handles for Ravinte, so Ravinte offers you 100 days to try to collect them and repay them completely.
  • If the handles for kitchen cabinets are replaced, weigh and make sure that the middle to center pit spacing is 3 inches from the present handle. The new armrests are mounted, two troughs are drilled with 3-inch spacing center-to-center.
  • Time & durable: 2 bar pulls made of stainless steel with classic matt dark codes and other accessories well.
  • Simple look: A variety of doors and drawers are appealing to the Black armchair handles. The handles in Matte Black look timeless and clean, with a farmhouse, retro, western, and hybrid feel.
  • Total length: 5 inch (127 mm), diameter: 1/2″ [MESS]: 3 inch (76 mm) (12 mm) Screening: 1-1/4″ (32 mm)

5Pack goldenwarm Black Cabinet Door Knobs T Bar Pull Knobs Drawer Knobs Cupboard Hardware

The pulls of the cabinet have made of high-quality rustproof stainless steel and provide long service. There are various sizes from a single hole to a ten-inch hole with golden-warm polished pulls in the drawer. For various uses, you should select the appropriate size. The sharp point, round edge therapy with polished metal cabinet pulls protects your hands in operation.

Safe and friendly. A lovely finish is a polished texture. You are hollow, so you feel light, but you don’t bend and should be perfect for the kitchen task. With these pulls, you can feel a luxurious feeling from polished brass handles. With every quarter you love lifting baths. These pulls would make you so happy. The strong modern brass-colored pull is very difficult to find, and the price is perfect. It feels heavy and costly than it is.

5Pack goldenwarm Black Cabinet Door Knob


  • Size – Diameter: 12 mm * Total Length: 50 mm (2″); Flight from surface to bar: 32 mm (1-2/4″). Please carefully weigh your cabinet and choose the size you like.
  • Risk-free – If there is a consistency issue, even where you don’t know how to configure the goods.
  • Notices – Each handle contains a mounting screw of 1 inch & 1 57 inches. The door and the drawers are most suitable. And do not hesitate to email us if you need longer screws.
  • Material – This T bar cabinet handles and knos is constructed of high-grade, hollow, yet robust, stainless steel.
  • Function — Perfect for wardrobe, drawer, door, cabinet, and closet, sleek and transparent handles of stainless steel. A great aid to quickly and efficiently take out the drawer.

Koofizo Square Foot Cabinet Arch Pull – Black Furniture Handle

Special shafts should be prepared separately for the thickness of the traditional armchair door and the drawer front. A poly bag for safety with more solid zinc and high-quality surface treatment is available for any square foot arch pull handle.

These kitchen grips for high-performance applications are comfortable and sturdy, and ideal hardware for the drawer/door kitchen and all rooms. The handles are sturdy, long-lasting, and workable. As expected, style. The handles look bigger in person than we have anticipated, but the manufacturer’s dimensions are correct. Comes for each handle with 2 lengths of the squeeze, a good thing for different thick drawers/doors.

Koofizo Square Foot Cabinet Arch Pull


  • Flach black complete solid arch pull handles square foot arch, person secure packaging.
  • The included Free 25 mm & 38 mm screws are suited for common door and drawer thickness boards. For more sizes, visit the Koofizo store.
  • Three “Ordinary screwdistance (76 mm), simple to connect with appropriate template card attached.
  • A classic arch pull for upgrading your wardrobe, dressing room, and furniture for the bathroom.
  • Warm Tips: Please check the SIZE of the handles before shopping.
  • Suitable hardware for drawers/doors and all rooms of a kitchen cabinet;
  • Each handle is polybagged for safety with a square foot arch pull.

Alpine Hardware Premium Solid Euro Style Bar Handle Pull

The European theme of the pulls of the cabinet adds to the flat-covered door designs of the cabinet a good contemporary taste. This sophist style pulls will prove both practical and beautiful over years of use with many themes of decoration, solid and sturdy. 

Solid 1/2 pulls are shaped “Steel bar and Index Tapped Cold Wheel Diameter (for strength and precision). They are also beautifully hand-brushed. Lightly finished in every finish, the pulls are elegantly half-glossy. A CLEAR boiling design is also available for alpine hardware, which is used for the exact and detailed boilling of your cabinets.

Alpine Handle Pull


  • The Satin Gold/Brass Finish Pulls are 2 cm Solid & Sustainable: Drawer handles that can be beautiful and practical all the years. They’re not hollow like most players.
  • Luxury line: The European style of the bar pull provides every cabinet door style with a distinctly contemporary flavor. They have a finishing of satin gold and brass made of SOLID stainless steel.
  • American: American company with high-quality products and expert operation. American: American company.
  • With the latest boiling design, alpine hardware facilitates the installation. When upgrading for best performance, you hand screw the pulls.
  • The European theme of the pulls of the cabinet adds to the flat-covered door designs of the cabinet a good contemporary taste. This sophist style pulls will prove both practical and beautiful over years of use with many themes of decoration, solid and sturdy.

Amerock BP29368ORB Candler Collection 1.5 Inch Diameter Oversized Square Cabinet Knob, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Amerock aims to provide a durable, fully home-designed Hardware system for homeowners and professionals. We sell a range of wall plates in designs and finishes that match the hardware and accessories of cabinets from some of the most common collections. Add to a room or house renovation project a perfect finish with American decorative plates and bath accessories.

Amerock is the best source for your hardware requirements in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the rest of your house, with a range of finishings and styles for any palate. Whether it’s a double towel bar from the Golden Champagne Arrondi Collection or an appliance pull from Blackrock Collection in Black Bronze, Amérock has the ideal decorative, practical, rail and bath hardware solution for your dream space.

Amerock Square Cabinet Knob, Oil-Rubbed Bronze


  • Oil-rubbed Bronze and Golden Champagne are available in satin nickel, black bronze, polished nickel, and gun-metal, Venetian bronze, caramel, and brushed cotton, brick and bronze.
  • Choose from large and super-sized knobs, 4 pull sizes, and 3 pull sizes of appliances.
  • High-quality lifetime zinc construction
  • Perfect for doors or drawers in every room or on furniture
  • Coordinate the whole room with the corresponding wall plates from Candler
  • Also available in 5 and 10 packages are common finishes and sizes.

Franklin Brass Soft Iron Square Feet Pull, Cabinet Handles

The Lombard Pull has a characteristic style that takes you into any room in your home with an influenced feel of elegance. The classic silhouette is suitable for conventional and informal armoires and furniture and is made of die-cast zinc for a long time. Hardware is used with the installation.

Franklin Brass has been offering trendy and inexpensive home design products for over 75 years. Their array of sleeves and handles offers the perfect finish without losing consistency or style. Complete your look with the hooks and plates to coordinate. Franklin Brass provides a wide range of cost-effective cabinet pulls to update your kitchen, bathroom, and mechanical appliances instantly.

Franklin Brass Soft Iron Square Feet Pull


  • Soft Iron is the perfect component for all wooden cabinets and drawers, stained or painted.
  • Adding cabinet hardware is the best way to make your home decor feel more comfortable. A basic adjustment will greatly influence any room’s look and sound.
  • Home Homecoming has made it convenient. Standard hardware is used for installation. 10 boxes for bigger tasks and replacements and individually wrapped for finish safety.
  • Get the project faster with the simple installation process of Franklin Brass. Each cabinet knob and drawer pull is supplied with installation hardware.
  • Turn your room completely by literally switching the knobs and handles out of your wardrobe.
  • Installation hardware to complete the project requires all Franklin Brass cabinet equipment.

Homdiy Cabinet Pulls Brushed Nickel 3 in Cabinet Handles 12 Pack

The handles work well, and you love the brush finish. These handles work well. They come in 2 different sizes, short and long, each individually wrapped in clear plastic. It won’t bug you that they’re light and empty. All are in the installation care. These bars are long-lasting but low weight (one of the reasons why I love them). I certainly advise purchasing a tool to measure the cabinet handle.

These handles in the kitchen look pretty attractive to the cabinet. They are very high quality and so much cheaper, of course. They make your kitchen tidy, modern, and costly without investing a lot of money. You will order all the cabinet handles in the rest of the house to be replaced.

Homdiy Cabinet Handles


  • 3 Overall length center to center with 3-1/2. Breadth: 14 mm, Height: 26 mm (1 in)
  • 12 Pack metal enclosure handle with brushed finish; high-quality alloy, sturdy, solid cabinet pull which means you can keep up for a long time.
  • Available for door thickness: 18 mm (0.71 in.)-22 mm. Each handle has 1 inch ( M4* 25 mm) shields (0.87 in).
  • And the screws were boxed individually, simple to set up.
  • The handles are robust and strong. You are expecting to see them in a high-end office shop. Timeless elegance and stunning finish, great for the kitchen, bathroom closet, and dressing room.
  • The ultimate target is the best product or service, please contact the manufacturer if you’re not happy with your order. Please purchase with trust, you pledge to leave you without worries.

Nostalgic Warehouse Victorian Plate with Keyhole Chateau handles for kitchen cabinets

The victorian plate is a trendy old world, with its distinct curvilinear adornment. This unique oval crystal door stick adds a stylish touch to every door, with its distinctive form and shiny brilliance. For longevity and elegance, all nostalgic door knot bags are placed on a sturdy (not plated) forged brass foundation. Knobs are turning and running a latch that doesn’t click.

Used usually on doors with a different deadbolt or inside doors. Ideal for wardrobes, corridors, or rooms where locks are not needed. Standard thickness width of the doors: one-third to one-third to fourth inch thick. Mortise locks are available in 2-1/4-inch backset, used in the nostalgic warehouse. These mortise locks are only suitable for indoor use.

Nostalgic Warehouse handles for kitchen cabinets


  • For no bolt or lock, two-door sets. On this door package, knobs or levers are not turning or running a lock. Ideal for wardrobes, cupboard doors, or french doors side by side (used with roller catch, flush bolts, or surface bolts).
  • The locking system of locking. A privacy pin adjacent to a button or lever is attached to the platform or rosette.
  • Perfect for toilets, bedrooms, or rooms with a locking device. Standard thickness width of the doors: one-third to one-third to fourth inch thick.
  • Solid brass forged platforms with authentic Crystal door knobs for transparency and attention to detail, suitable for closets, halls, or rooms without a blocking mechanism.
  • A complete collection for one door (both sides) with 2-3/4″ backrest and suitable for restoration and simple installation on new doors pre-boiled.
  • Hand mounted in the United States

Hickory Hardware P2994-BI Pull, 12″ c/c, Black Iron Finish handles for kitchen cabinets

The collection “Refined Rustic” gives the most daring of ventures a variety of robust and rough jacks. The pulls would surely make you look rustic. Extended in sizes available now. The process of design starts with creativity. Their urban designers have creative designs from all the new fashion markets to interior decor themes and even architectural archives of their own.

Hickory Hardware creates competing creative and new sets. Rustic Iron Hardware has a deep red ochre coating to mimic rust, providing a just weathered finish exposed to the elements. Hickory’s teams retain the best consistency, finish, and manufacturing standards by strict physical tests and continuous product review.

Hickory Hardware handles for kitchen cabinets


  • Centers 12 inches to centers; 1-7/16 inches projection; 16-13/16 inches length; 1-1/16 inches breadth.
  • The Refined Rustic collection is a comprehensive hardware collection to satisfy rustic needs. These pieces give your room the look of a collection of handmade products. The pulls of the device are an excellent choice for the lovely pulls of the barn.
  • The finish Black Iron coincides with the blackest components in the interior. It offers slight texture combinations for a time-consuming or blacksmith look and a matt security cover.
  • Hand-hammered designs and textures contribute to the rustic appearance and add all the mounting hardware for easy installation.
  • The refined Rustic Range helps give your room a look of handmade hardware with hammered finishes and charmingly primitive character with a handmade feel.
  • Refined rustic features slight surface grain variations with a time-consumed or matt-controlled blacksmith look.

Ravinte 5’’ Cabinet Pulls Matte Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Drawer handles for kitchen cabinets 

These handles in the Ravinte cabinet look pretty good after installation. If you want to look and get a practical item – these are fantastic! You will have zero complaints and will be glad you purchased them. You will feel strong enough to get the job done.

The installation was also really simple. You may use a pull-panel template, but the handles are not available, but I strongly suggest one template kit because it simplified life too much. There are two sized screws, one thing to remember. One is short, and one is mega long, which can be sliced from not threaded places. Depending on the thickness of the window, you can have to buy anything which will cut metal.

Ravinte 5’’ Cabinet Pulls Matte Black Stainless Steel


  • You will be sure that you are enjoying your handles with Ravinte, so we will give you 100 days to test them or to take them up and return them to you.
  • This Matte Black pulls functionally & elegantly appropriate for diverse architectural types, wardrobes, chests, and cupboards.
  • 30 bar steel pulls completed with traditional matte black coordinates, with other equipment and equipment.
  • Several kitchen cabinet doors and drawers are equipped with black cabinet handles. The handles in Matte Black look clean and timeless, with farmhouses, retro, classic and transitional models.
  • Centrum of the hole: 76 mm (3 in) and 5 inches (3 inches) in length (127 mm), Diameter: 1/2 centimeter (12 mm) 1-1/4 inch projection (32 mm).

Franklin Brass Satin Nickel Pierce handles for kitchen cabinets

The classic silhouette is ideal for conventional, casual, and furnishing cabinetry, and is manufactured from cast zinc for long-lasting consistency and durability. Hardware is used with the installation. Franklin Brass has been offering trendy but cost-effective home decor products for over 75 years.

Their array of sticks and handles offers the perfect finish without losing elegance or consistency. Complete your look with hooks and plates to coordinate. To instantly update your kitchen, bathroom, and furniture, you can use the Franklin Brass big varied inexpensive knitwear and drawer pull. The Webber Knob is classically designed, with a slight step-by-step detail.

Franklin Brass Satin handles for kitchen


  • The Pierce Pull is transitional with a range of kitchen decorations. Satin Nickel is the perfect component for both cabinets and drawers, stained or painted.
  • Perfect for new, transitional or casual cabinets and furnishings, it has a long-lasting consistency and longevity based on die-cast zinc. Hardware is used with the installation.
  • Home Improvement facilitated. Includes the standard equipment for installation. 10 Pack for major projects and substitutes and individually wrapped for finish safety.
  • Using cabinet hardware to your home décor is the ideal way to incorporate your sense of style. A simple adjustment will greatly affect every room’s look and sound.
  • Both Franklin Brass cabinet hardware provides hardware to allow the project a fast completion.

Southern Hills Brushed Nickel handles for kitchen cabinets | 6.3 Inches Total Length

The strong metal handle is easy to mount and simple. The brushed nickel finishing and strong construction increase your cuisine, your shower, your bedroom, your wardrobe. The knobs and handles of the South Hills cabinet are the highest in class. The backrest is flat and also curved, very easy than the squared corners. Renew your modern pulls and cabinet kitchen with Southern Hills.

South Hills Pulls are available in various sizes and colors, mixing up and matching them in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the bathrooms, and the laundry facilities. The nickel brush is a compliment to several cabinet finishes, and its straight lines and square edges give your kitchen armoires and vanity bathrooms a sleek look.

Southern Hills Brushed Nickel handles for kitchen


  • The handles are often available separately and two separate lengths of screws are available.
  • The cabinet pulls of Southern Hills are solid, precisely the brushed nickel color.
  • Good weight and ideal for modern cuisine.
  • Pack of 5 – Handles/drawer pulls in a solid brushed nickel case
  • 6.3″ long – 5-inch middle spacing of screw holes
  • Money-Back Guarantee 100% Satisfaction
  • The assembly screws are ideal for new and mid-century designs
  • The door and drawer handle in Euro-style will not only give you your room a new look; you will keep it! The kit includes five drawer pulls of a brushed nickel cabinet.

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Handle


Small yet strong, array bowls are available in any form, scale, color, and material. The most commonly used geometrical forms are round, oval, square, rectangular, and others but they should not be hard to locate odd ones. Usually, knobs need only one assembly screw for easy installation.

Knobs Handle

Handle Pulls

The handle pulls have a roll- or bar-like shape that connects the surface at either end, often called drawer pulls or cabinet pulls. Many handles pulls are available for the teamwork of the same sizes, designs, and finishes. In contrast to a pull button, a pull takes two or more screws to secure, so it is necessary to choose the correct size.

You want to make installation simple by aligning your new hardware with your current assembly gaps. There is no universal rule of thumb for a door or drawer with no mounting troughs yet for how big or short the pull would be. Go for dimensions that look great, but are convenient.

Handle Pulls Cabinet Handle

Bin Pulls

Bin pulls are handles that are dome-shaped and convenient to grip from below. The alternative name “cup pull,” which is enclosed on three of its four sides, only defines its shape. This hooded style is typically decorated and may be circular, oval, carved, or rectangular in form. Like handle pulls, bin pulls generally need to be mounted with two or three screws.

Bin Pulls Cabinet Handle

Planning your kitchen handle ideas

The kitchen cabinet handles in the right kitchen will improve your room and flatter your cabinet style. However, choosing between the various ideas for handling the kitchen is not always an easy task.

Considering your style

Your style determines your final decision. Fans of today’s interior are delighted by modern styles, straight lines, and sharp details. Even you might choose a straightforward solution to produce a genuinely sublime finish with fewer kitchen cabinets.

Traditionalists may choose to adopt a more traditional kitchen handling style. Timeless styles, luxury fabrics, and proven details will better appeal for you.

Choosing the right materials

You may not only need to remember the style of your kitchen handles. The material you use has an impact on your room’s overall appearance and feel. You can choose from a variety of choices, some including:

  • Woods like color and natural finish 
  • lastic including color or patterns for resin 
  • Metals such as chrome, brass, or brushed steel

Ceramics such as porcelain

Certain materials perform well than others for specific workshops and cabinets. The high-gloss cases and work surfaces, for example, are generally better suited for glossy metal handles. Orthodox wood kitchens, on the other hand, fit well with natural or ceramic handles.

Thinking about size placement

Your choice of handles for kitchen cabinets is not about individual esthetics. Your selected style scale and location will also affect your space’s look and sound. We recommend that you order several tests to measure the size of your handles accurately. If you can, take your cabinets, cups, and tables into the showroom to see how they look.

Do you need to make accessibility adjustments?

The choice of your handles for kitchen cabinets makes accessibility a major factor. Such models are much harder to use than others, particularly when it is difficult to grips with you or your family members. If this is a problem, avoid tiny buttons, fiddly detail, and small lacunae.